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corporate fitness

maximize profits, potential and productivity 

a tailored, on-site approach to employee wellness can be the most effective and efficient way to engage your staff in on-going healthy activity. research shows that regular physical activity can reduce stress - an expensive condition that often leads to sick days, lost performance and increasing costs to employers.

let us teach your employees how a healthy body can lead to good mental health, better sleep and improved concentration. we are specialists at conducting informational lunch hour sessions, or physical activity on-site at your workplace with little or no equipment.


clinics & seminars:

weight loss: a straightforward approach on what to do and how to do it.

fitness programs: excellent for individuals or groups, our professional trainers will create cardio and weight routines designed to lose weight (decrease body fat), tone muscles or get stronger and increase lean muscle mass.

general fitness: goal setting, strength training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, stretching, core stability and nutrition.

written fitness programs: if you don't have time to meet with a trainer on a regular basis, we can jump-start your personalized program in just six sessions. a fitness trainer will meet with you to design a customized strength and conditioning program that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals in the most efficient way. within those six sessions, we'll equip you with the knowledge and proper techniques you'll need to carryon a successful workout program on your own.


the 30-minute answer
respectful of the fact that your employees are at work to work, we can show them how to stay in shape on the job with only 30 minutes of time, with little or no equipment! the same goes for those who travel - let us design a convenient, yet effective program of exercises and ideas that show your employees how to stay fit when traveling.


yoga nidra - the ultimate employee benefit
did you know that a one-hour yoga nidra session is as restful as 4 hours of sleep? offer your employees the chance to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, anger, depression and insomnia, while increasing their mental focus, clarity and ability to solve problems. an appropriate activity for men and women of all ages and abilities.

employees who participate in yoga nidra can accelerate their intake of information while improving their memory, creativity and concentration. your employees will not only be healthier and relieved of stress, they will be rested, focused, more efficient and more productive.

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