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elite training

from sport-specific workouts for groups and individuals, to advanced mental preparedness techniques, elite athletes will appreciate the expert level of knowledge and specialized programs our personal trainers offer.


we create personalized, written fitness programs that will help you achieve your goals as an elite athlete in the least amount of time possible. whatever your needs or specific challenges are, we will work with you one-on-one so you can accomplish a higher level of success and excellence.


sport-specific training programs and workout sessions for athletes

we have extensive experience in athletic training for all ages and skill levels (including national and international): soccer, hockey (ice, field), ringette, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, racket sports (badminton, tennis, squash), triathlons, marathons, skating (figure, speed or inline), rugby, track and field, skiing, cycling, karate, gymnastics, diving, swimming, golf, rowing, lacrosse.


clinics/seminars for coaches and athletes

  • turning a specific weakness into a strength
  • improving explosive power (speed, strength), strength endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, multi-directional movement (acceleration and deceleration), flexibility, balance, agility, increasing vertical jump
  • multi-directional movement
  • plyometrics
  • core strength and stability training
  • bosu training
  • olympic weightlifting
  • need for speed: we can help you run your fastest 5km, 10km, etc.
  • cross training


periodized programs

our personalized strength and conditioning programs are designed to enhance your athletic performance. we'll ensure you achieve optimal results over time while avoiding overtraining.


achieve your best with advanced mental training

bringing a strong mental component to your sport is as important as building your physical fitness. whether you are on a team or are training for an individual event, our qualified personal trainers offer winning instruction in effective mental techniques: meditation, visualization, relaxation, focus, motivation, fear and competition anxiety, mental toughness and confidence.

proper mental preparedness is often the difference between winning and losing, choking under pressure or maintaining confidence to achieve your best in every challenge.

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