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about yoga nidra, kundalini yoga & meditation

susan agrios is north america's only fitness instructor with advanced training in yoga nidra and kundalini yoga having studied in india, california, washington, and new mexico. monthly trips to california have allowed susan to study with world renowned yoga master, gurmukh featured in june 07 vanity fair and bring this sacred technology of kundalini yoga back to edmonton.

yoga nidra

stressed? tired? depressed? then yoga nidra is the answer.


yoga nidra has been hailed as the most powerful relaxation technique that will positively impact your overall body-and-mind fitness in a way you have never experienced before.


yoga nidra offers exceptional benefits over traditional yoga classes. it is a specialized art offering an extreme state of relaxation and consciousness. in fact, a one-hour session is as restful as four hours of regular sleep!

yoga nidra is appropriate for men and women of all ages and abilities and the results are simply outstanding. it can be done anywhere at anytime, on the floor, in a chair, an empty room or park. it is a guided meditation that can be used to relax the entire body and mind. yoga nidra can help you overcome stress, anxiety, fear, anger, depression and insomnia, while at the same time increasing your mental focus, clarity and ability to solve personal and interpersonal problems. people who participate in yoga nidra can accelerate their intake of information while improving their memory and creativity. participants will not only be healthier and relieved of stress, they will be rested, focused and more productive.

kundalini yoga

kundalini yoga is a quick and effective way to establish an aligned relationship between the body, mind and spirit.  It is a process that takes us beyond the mind to where we can follow our hearts.

kundalini yoga is often referred to as the yoga of awareness.  it is a technology that teaches you techniques and awareness to stay healthy (physically and mentally).  kundalini yoga calms the mind, strengthens the immune system and nervous system to handle stress, balances the glandular and nervous system, cleanses the lymphatic system, detoxifies the liver, lungs and kidneys, helps break unconscious habit patterns and addictions, stretches and builds muscles, increases oxygen supply to the blood and the vital capacity of the lungs improving your health and enjoyment of life. 

these results are achieved through pranayam (breath), kriyas (specific physical postures), mantra, deep relaxation and meditation used to heal you physically, mentally and spiritually.  classes are open to all levels.   

Just as all rivers end up in the ocean, all yoga ends up raising the kundalini. What is kundalini? It is the creative potential of the human being. ~Yogi Bhajan


meditation is a science, a technology. many studies are being done at universities such as harvard supporting meditation as a healing modality for stress reduction, mental focus and productivity. it has been successfully applied to a wide variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, chronic pain and memory loss. dr. woodson merrell, of the beth israel medical center remarked that meditation is "perhaps the most powerful tool for health".


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